This film features the hard Spring training of a rowing crew on London's river Thames. We then have an impressionistic view of the English summer scene up and down the river with the many competitive rowing regattas taking place. Young 'blades' on the river banks wearing their 'boaters' quaffing champagne and the hard working athletes on the water contribute to a quintessential English summer scene. The film was shot in 1975 on 16mm film and won a major award in 1976.
This film observes a group of elderly people playing bowls mostly cut to music in a 'montage' of movement and action. Shot on 16mm film in the 1970's, the location was near the town of Worthing in West Sussex.
In the mid 1970's TV adverts were glamourising products such as fast cars (and Martini Drinks). This film, made at that time, apes this style and glamourises the cars that were coveted by their owners. The film won a major award in 1978 and was shot on 16mm film.
In the heart of Sussex in the English countryside the sport of Polo is played by aristocratic young men. We visit the famous Cowdray Estate and have the game explained by the commentator, himself an accomplished player and teacher of the sport.
High up in the French Alps skiers enjoy a refreshment break in the sun. This impressionistic short film, cut to music, enjoys the break with them. Shot in 1980 on 16mm film the scene is as fresh today as it was then. The film won a major award in 1981.
High in the French Alps on a beautiful sunny day the ski lift turns and turns, hauling skiers up the mountainside. This impressionistic piece lets you enjoy the images, accompanied by music and the sound of the machinery.