Say the word "Rat" and most people recoil in horror. Not however the lady featured in this documentary.
A horse's view of a horse show, deep in the Sussex countryside. Two horses converse and observe the activity as young riders jump, race and pay all sorts of games on horseback.
Deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside this film follows the charismatic man known as 'Sage' as he breeds, nurtures and trains his pack of hounds, limited as he is now by law to following just the scent of the fox, 'trail hunting'. An award winning film and with an immense following, it was made in 2010, and was shot on HD video.
This film follows the daily activities of two ladies who breed and farm a herd of alpacas. They explain the why, the how and the fun of being in the forefront of the movement introducing these wonderful animals to this country. We witness births, shearing and showing. The show scene in one of the largest show grounds in the country, is fascinating.
The Leader of The Pack is a Russian named Dima Yeremenko, known throughout the Hampstead area of North London as a genius with dogs. He walks other people's dogs on Hampstead Heath, trains them, runs his own dog school and participates in dog shows. Dogs talk to him, obey his every command and are receptive to him in a remarkable way. This film shows him at work and we can only marvel.
On a privately owned island in the British Virgin Islands a nature reserve is home to the Brown Pelican, the least common of pelicans. This montage cut to music features these wonderful birds as the swoop and dive for the small fish in the blue waters of the Caribbean.
This film, which, following its production in 1982 won a major award, follows a team of mostly New Zealand sheep shearers as they work their way around the English county of Hampshire shearing the local farmer's sheep. We see in close up the whole process and learn about the difficulties as well as hearing from prize winning shearers. The film was shot on 16mm film and is as relevant today as it was when it was made. The only difference being the amounts of money that the team earned!
An impressionistic montage cut to music of the visitors and animals at London Zoo. The film was shot on 16mm film in 1976 and has won major awards in various countries.