When a sculpture, whether large or small has been created in clay by the artist there follows the crucial final stage when a bronze cast has to be made. This film follows, in graphic and colourful detail, the complete process at an East London foundry, named Bronze Age. 'The Lost Wax Process' dates back thousands of years and the practice that we see has differed little over time. There are no words to this film, the story is told in pictures and sound.
This film features the world famous Peter Layton and his Glass Art studio in London. We have a graphic view of some of the glass artists crafting Peter Layton's extraordinary designs and follow the complicated process involved. The film was made in 2002 and has won awards in various festivals.
Tony Wigg is an extraordinarily versatile artist. Apart from painting, drawing and teaching he creates the most wonderful designs in his 'painting on silk'. He is truly an innovator and the film follows his process from the bare silk to the finished article, be it a screen, scarf, or almost any silk object. The film, shot on Digital video in 2003, is a visual feast and has won awards at various festivals.
Noted portrait painter Tim Benson tackles a new commission and we see him in detailed action discussing his painting philosophy and methods. At a crowded art gallery we join guests at a Private View of Tim's work and eavesdrop on conversations with guests and fellow artists.
A group of pottery artists are each involved in their craft, skilfully moulding their clay pieces of art. The close up visual images are cut to music and the action turns to eating.
This still life tableaux was seen displayed in a restaurant and subsequently became the subject of this impressionistic study. The images have been treated in such a way as to appear surreal. Shot in the late 1990's on an early digital video camera, the two minutes or so are strangely visually satisfying.