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Michael Slowe has been specialising in documentary filmmaking and impressionistic essays cut to music for over 50 years 


As a very experienced and prolific documentary filmmaker, a number of his films produced over the years have won numerous major awards in international festivals and competitions as well as being broadcast from time to time. Six of the films have been screened at the National Film Theatre, with awards being presented on stage by Joan Collins and Michael Winner among others. 


Favourites being ‘The Last of The Wolfgang’, featuring the last surviving member of the world famous Amadeus string quartet from the last century, ‘Hounds & The Huntsman,’ featuring a charismatic huntsman caring for and training his pack of hounds and ‘Melissa’, a female trapeze artist who has worked in many different environments.

Technical Information

Michael Slowe in 1976 with 16mm Film Camera

Michael Slowe has been making films starting with 8mm film, then with 16mm film, and now high definition (HD) video. Digital Editing all done on a MacPro computer running Media 100 software. Below are the cameras Michael has used over the past 50 years.

Beaulieu R16 16mm.jpg

Beaulieu R16

Sony DSR 300.jpg

Sony DSR 300

Sony Z1.jpg

Sony Z1

Sony EX 1.jpg

Sony EX 1

Sony PXW-Z150.jpg

Sony PXW-Z150


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Michael is currently located in London, UK. If you would like to get in touch please use the email address below or fill out the form.

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